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Doris Bandera is a versatile representative of visual arts.

Doris Bandera
Born in Vienna in 1967, Doris Bandera began her studies at the Michelbeuern College of Fashion and Clothing Technology graduating as a master dressmaker and fashion designer. She subsequently ran the design department for a Viennese couturier. Recognition of her work there, resulted in her being asked to design costumes for a production of the musical The Phantom of the Opera at the Theater an der Wien. Much of her inspiration during this time came from traveling and painting. Amongst the pieces she produced were handmade pullovers and silk scarves in Mexican and Art Deco styles, as well as pieces of interior decoration made from recycled materials.

Accompanying her husband, who works in the Austrian diplomatic service, Doris has traveled widely and lived abroad in Caracas in Venezuela, Seoul in South Korea, Rome and Milan in Italy and presently Ankara in Turkey before returning to Austria in 2010. She has taken advantage of these postings to extend her knowledge of and experience in visual arts. She studied pottery in Venezuela and much enjoyed visiting El Hatillo and Colonia Tovar for the architecture and art galleries of these villages close to the capital. In Korea she learned about Korean porcelain painting, Japanese Ikebana and Washi Paper.
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Whilst there, she also participated in an international fashion show at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul, displaying traditional Austrian “Dirndl” costumes from her own production. Some of the few remaining mosaic artists in Italy work in the vicinity of Rome. Doris made the most of this opportunity to learn more about the techniques and history of mosaics. During her stay in Ankara, Doris. was. asked to take. on the role. of Costume Designer for musical
productions of “Oliver” and “She Loves Me,” produced by the theatre group “Stage on the Run” at the Turkish American Association. She has also produced short films for the British Embassy Study Group.

Regular relocation, each time requiring the decoration of the Commercial Counselor’s residence, has led Doris to extend her skills to interior design. Her style is strongly influenced by the impressions of her years in South America and Asia. She has developed a love of the rich colours and seemingly endless patterns of the Seljuk and Ottoman cultures. In particular, designs used on carpets and plates showing the highly advanced visual arts of those eras have captured her full attention.
Basena Basilisk

Love Story
In Turkey she worked with several artistes and university professors, like Saim Kolhan, Meral Öner, Sule Pfeiffer or Himmet Gümrah. She showed her oevre around Iznik tiles in 16 places ranging from Diyarbakir and Mersin to Bursa, Ankara and Bodrum. Exhibitions at the Universities TOBB Etu, Bilkent, Atilim and Gazi allowed its students to experience Turkish culture from a foreign perspective. The Love Story on display at the art gallery of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents one of the highlights of her years in Turkey. Returning to Austria after 16 years abroad and a wide
range of patterns and ideas in her luggage, Doris Bandera established her own atelier in Austria, 1190 Vienna, Saileräckergasse 37, where she started to produce wall decorations and large scale ornaments, combining mirrors, tiles, and marble mosaics that can be ordered to the measure.
Mirror Bamboo & Marble

A booklet giving a glance of the variety available, can be ordered free of charge by sending an e-mail via the contact form.

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